• Blade Selector

    To select your blade, please use the boxes below.  Start by choosing standard (inches) or metric (millimeters).  Next, choose your desired length (12/18/24" or 300/450/600mm). Finally, choose between our standard stainless steel or precision ground hardened & tempered blade type.  Once you've made your selections, set your quantity and click "add to cart!"
  • Combination Square Builder

    Use the fields below to build your LaSquare.  Choose standard or metric measurement, choose a length (12/18/24" or 300/450/600mm), then choose a blade type (standard or precision ground).  To purchase multiple LaSquares with the same configuration, use the quantity box below to add additional units to your order.  Once your LaSquare is configured to your liking and you've set your quantity, just click "add to cart!"
  • Includes: 1 - Wide Base LaSquare with 12" Blade 1- LaSquare Pouch with Belt Loops
  • Part # LPS-SS002 Price: $12.30 Details:
    • Replacement part for the LaSquare Combo.
    • This part is designed to protect your LaSquare investment.  Should you drop your LaSquare, the screw set is designed to fail before the LaSquare does.
  • Sale!
    Part # LPS-AO-O5 Price $ 34.95  $10.67 Detail:
    • Fits the LaSquare perfectly.
    • Made from Top Grain Leather in the United States
    • Features belt Clip.
  • Sale!
    Part # LPS-AO-04 Price $ 29.95  $10.67 Detail:
    • Fits our LaSquare perfectly.
    • Made from Top Grain Leather in the United States
    • Features belt loops.
  • Sale!
    Part # LPS-AO-02 Price:  $3.95  $2.67 (Limited Qty Only 50 left) Details:
    • 5/8 x 12' Self Locking Tape Measure.  Top and bottom releasing mechanisms.  Rubber guard.  Calibrations printed on both sides. - US Tape Pro-SL Self Locking Tape 12'
  • Sale!
    Part # LPS-AO-06 Price:   $4.95  $3.35 (Limited Qty Only 20 In Stock) Details: Handle is designed for high-impact strength and chemical resistance.  Blade can be positioned in T or straight configuration for added utility.  Convenient bit storage, handy compact size.
    • Slotted blade tips are serrated for a superior fastener grip
    • Advanced plating process for corrosion resistance
    • Phillips blades designed for tight tolerances and sure fit
    • Handles are designed for strength and chemical resistance
    • 2-position screwdriver with a grey molded cap and T-handle shaft
    • #1 Phillips - 3/16 in. slotted bit, #2 Phillips - 1/4 in. slotted bit
  • Sale!
    Part #: LPS-AO-03 Price:  $8.95  $6.67 (Limited Qty Only 50 left) Details:
    • 1” x 36’ Tape Measure, Top and bottom release mechanism.  Large easy to read numbers.  Rubber guard.  Calibrations on both sides.  US Tape Pro-SL Self Locking Tape 36’
  • Sale!
    Part # LPS-AO-01 Price:  $49.95  $36.67 (Limited Qty Only 10 left)
  • Sale!
    Part # LPS-AO-07 Price: $11.95  $10.00 (Limited Qty Only 10 left) Details:
    • Rabone Chesterman 12" x 1/2" Flex Precision Rule
    • 50ths and 100ths on one side
    • 32nds and 64ths on the other side
    • Comes in blue pouch