Metal Fabrication

LaGesse Products is a full-service custom metal fabrication and machine shop located in Bonne Terre, MO. We are committed to superior quality for both the industrial and private markets. We have worked with companies like Kraft Foods, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Kingsford, Quaker Foods, Holcim, Dial and Monsanto just to name a few.

Our many projects include the design, production and delivery of structural steel, platforms, catwalks, handrails, bollards, and specialty carts made from all types of material from aluminum to stainless steel. Our staff believes in providing our customers with professional experience of the highest quality.


Our design specialists provide personal support to the customer’s design/concept. We can help develop your specifications and create or modify.

LaGesse Products provides technical information concerning manufacturing techniques and materials. We advise our customers on process advantages and limitations of process. We think outside the box with determination and creative solutions while keeping cost and quality in mind.

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Repair/Maintenance: Breakdown-to-Timed Repair

Our skilled welders and machinists can give you fast turnaround for your close tolerance welding projects. We offer cost-effective repair as an option to replacement.

Short Runs/Production: Low Volume-to-High Volume

We are an end-to-end fabricator offering welding, saw cutting, bending, machining, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, powder coating and delivery.

Automated Conveyors to Gutter Brackets: Design to Completion

Our skilled designers can work with you off of your prints or even your paper napkin drawing. We will always provide you with the finished project you desire.